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Altcoin Trader Withdrawal Process Unreliable?

So basically logged into the website where I wanted to purchase the new token, it gives you your unique ETH address where you make the withdraw too and once complete on AltCoin Trader side, you watch as the confirmations come thru until the process is complete.

However this time, I copied the address and pasted it into the withdraw section on AltCoin Trader but it sent it to some other address!!!

Please see below transactions route:

Sent from:




Then Sent out from:




Is the sent from address (ending in 7c72) AltCoin Traders exchanges address? Is it possible that the last address it was sent to (ending in 7780) is their deposit address as the 2.98ETH I withdrew is missing.

This is the transaction on etherscan:

As mentioned this was done on my phone so no way for me to have entered the wrong ETH address - it was a simple copy paste.

Please can anyone assist or are the coins just gone?

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